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Mews Integration

In collaboration with Mews and Loyall, we provide guests with the opportunity to join your loyalty program during the booking and take advantage of exclusive member benefits. For your existing members, the booking is streamlined as their personal information is pre-filled. New members have an account automatically created with their active consent, making onboarding easy and ensuring high-quality data. This allows guests to quickly benefit from the loyalty program's advantages.

🟡 Integration
September 6, 2023

What is Mews?

Mews offers a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) tailored to the hotel industry, streamlining hotel and property management. With Mews, you have complete control to generate more potential customers by handling reservations, check-ins and check-outs, billing, and guest communication, laying the foundation for creating unique guest experiences.

Integration with Loyall

The integration provides guests with various benefits, including the ability to earn and redeem rewards from their very first booking. This makes it easy to build loyalty and reward repeat visits. The generated customer profiles also enable you to send automatically customized communication and personal offers to both current and past guests. This creates a seamless and straightforward booking experience for guests and allows you to focus on creating a unique and tailored guest experience.

Why establish your loyalty program?

Loyall’s loyalty program gives you the opportunity to reward and retain your loyal guests while increasing repeat visits. This program strengthens guest loyalty, boosts revenue, and provides valuable insights into guest behavior for future improvements.

Members can be segmented to ensure communication is as relevant as possible. Member benefits, such as bonus points, gift cards, practical perks, and special offers, can be customized according to the membership level, ensuring that the most loyal guests are rewarded even more generously. Through our loyalty program, you can also delight members with birthday gift cards, which can contribute to steady year-round income and increased customer loyalty. Bonus point accrual is tied to guest bookings and occurs automatically, making it easier to build loyalty. We also offer the opportunity to run seasonal campaigns, which can help hotels boost activity during slow periods.

Unlock Loyalty Through Insights

To foster loyalty, it is imperative to understand your guests. Insight into their preferences will empower you to craft personalized communications that boost loyalty.

Our systems enable you to digitize the hotel guest journey, delivering targeted emails at every stage. This keeps guests informed throughout their stay and invites them back in the future. A loyal guest base generates more direct bookings, increased visit frequency, and higher average spending. This allows guests to enjoy an enhanced experience through personalized service tailored to their individual needs.

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