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Why Partner with us?

Our software has helped hundreds of companies create more loyal customers by identifying and understanding the customer at a detailed level. We primarily deliver solutions to hotels, restaurants and retailers, and have a unique link to members' bank cards that creates a unique user-experience for members.

Our expertise is loyalty. To give our customers the best experience, we are happy to collaborate with other industry leaders. We have different degrees of partnership, and know that the solutions can work as the company's most efficient employee, with the right integrations and setup.

Who are Ideal Partners?

Property Management Systems

  • Loyalty program, integrated with PMS
  • Recruitment of members from PMS
  • Overview members and administration from PMS

Booking Systems

  • Create more direct bookings
  • Recruit new members in the purchase moment
  • Offer benefits as partial payment for return visitors

Terminal Providers

  • Loyalty as value adding services
  • Recruit members in the terminal
  • Offer incentives to returning customers
Icons illustrating telecom companies.

Telecom Companies

  • Data collection as value adding services
  • Create better guest journeys
  • Easy and efficient data collection

Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Easy and effective marketing platform
  • Measurable results of sales and revenue
  • Data collection of physical customers

Point of Sale

  • Loyalty programs, integrated in POS
  • Recruit members from POS
  • Overview members and benefits in POS

Our core segments

Shopping chart
Cutlery illustrating restaurant.
Call bell for hotel.
Shopping cart for retail.
Sport & Wellness

Certified Resellers

Certified reseller of Loyall's portfolio. Partner earns a percentage commission on all new customers.

Integration Partners

Certified integrations with associated partnerships. By connecting the products together, the automation will be able to operate as common customers' best employee.

White Label Partners

For companies that want to sell Loyall as their own product.

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Collect Customer Data

Collect valuable data from digital and physical customers. This includes demographics, purchases, frequency of visits, average spend etc.

Get Customer Insight

Get all the data that is collected in an organized dashboard. Use Simp Analytics and Simp Reporting to get an overview of your customers.

Achieve Amazing Results

Combine the power of personalization, segmentation and automation to send the right message at the right time to the right people.