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Take your service and customer relationship to the next level!
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Let’s get in touch and figure out your potential!

Take your service and customer relationship to the next level!
Fill in the form below and we will contact you for a nice chat.

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Loyall partner

Become a partner and enhance your product portfolio with our unique SaaS & Fintech solutions, grow your revenue and help them grow their business. We can collaborate on cases, or you can sell it like it's yours.

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Why Partner with us?

Our software has by automation helped hundreds of businesses to identify, understand and increase revenue per customer. Loyalls history demonstrates that our solutions are adaptable, and fits the local businesses as well as for the big chains. This, combined with the easy setup, and great usability for your customers, is why we launched our Partnership Program.

Our program is tailored for companies that provide complementary products to common customers in our core industries. By becoming a part of our network, you will have the opportunity to profit from a high-growth technology market, and add more value and greater stickiness to your customers.

Who is our Ideal Partner?

Icons illustrating telecom companies.


  • Added value for business customers
  • Plug and play solution
  • Subscription based
  • Greater stickiness towards your portfolio
  • Optional integration
  • Integratable into existing dashboard
  • Automated support

Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Easy to use marketing platform
  • Measurable results of sales and revenue
  • Data collection of physical customers
  • Plug and play solution
  • Measurable ROI results
  • Automated support


  • Solutions tailored to hospitality, retail, wellness, and restaurant industry
  • Unique loyalty modules linked to payment
  • Full integration option
  • Cost effective and user friendly products
  • Greater stickiness towards existing portfolio
  • Automated support

Our core segments

Shopping chart
Cutlery illustrating restaurant.
Call bell for hotel.
Shopping cart for retail.
Sport & Wellness

Certified Resellers

Amplify your product offerings and revenue by reselling Loyall. Our certification program and partner support make it easy to attract new customers and build recurring revenue streams.

Integration Partners

Make sure your customers get the best customer experiences and results. Combine your technology with Simp to offer a more complete delivery, together we can be unique.

White Label Partners

Sell it like it's yours. You can brand our software with your own identity. If you'd like, we can do simple integrations, or we can for example fully integrate into your existing dashboard or platform.

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Collect Customer Data

Collect valuable data from digital and physical customers. This includes demographics, purchases, frequency of visits, average spend etc.

Get Customer Insight

Get all the data that is collected in an organized dashboard. Use Simp Analytics and Simp Reporting to get an overview of your customers.

Achieve Amazing Results

Combine the power of personalization, segmentation and automation to send the right message at the right time to the right people.