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Innovative solutions, customised for Retail.

Loyalty customised for the Retail industry



Strengthen branding and loyalty to your business.

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Get ownership of your own digital guest database.



Create return visits based on incentives.

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Accurate results reports for increased shopping cart and visits.

The challenge of collecting customer data

Collection of customer data should be according to the customer's own wishes. By incentivizing with an innovative loyalty program, your customers will leave contact information and open up the possibility of relevant and loyalty-bringing communication.

The challenge of ecommerce competition

Goods have never been more available. As a physical store, it is important to focus on the benefits of physical commerce. If you have both a physical store and an online store, you can create an omnichannel customer experience with benefits across.

The challenge of acquire GDPR consents

Collecting customer data is the start of creating effective loyalty. Your guests' user experience is the key to the collection being efficient and converting highly. All data collected via Loyall is GDPR-approved.

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Meet Paul, and understand him.

Relevance is the key to marketing success. By getting to know Paul's purchase habits, demographics, geography and loyalty patterns, you will be able to communicate more purposefully.

The data is collected automatically and structured in a simple interface that makes it easy for you to create automations and communicate campaigns.

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Create loyalty and incentivize repurchases.

Running a store today is challenging. Technology and accessibility make the buyers more selective and demanding.

By giving your customers, for example, bonuses on their purchases, bonuses in your webshop, gift cards on their birthdays or unique membership level benefits, customers will have a more positive experience, and you can reward and build loyalty.

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increase of 28 %
Increased upsales for members
Increase of 43 %
Increased visit frequency for members
Increase of 62 %
Average opening rate
of emails sent to customer

increase of 114 thousand
Average increased sales
for one campaign
Illustration of gift cards

Increase sales with custom Gift Cards

The physical and digital gift cards can be customized to your brand and you can set the value your want on each card. This solution creates more flexibility for your business and your customers.

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Connect physical store and webshop

Omnichannel experiences are important to customers. With Loyall, your customers can earn and use benefits across the physical store and webshop.

The buying process is changing, and never before have so many online stores been launched as now.

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