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Let’s get in touch and figure out your potential!

Take your service and customer relationship to the next level!
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We create customer loyalty.

How it works

A person with payment card and earned bonus. A person who register on his mobile.

1. Easy Registration

1. Simplify Data Collection

The customer only has to register once and is done in just a few seconds.

Collect valuable data about your customers in a way that is GDPR-compliant.

2. Personal Customer Journey

2. Improved Guest Journey

Due to the tailored attention the customer journey will be personal and create engagement.

Enhance the customer experience by adding value and improving the customer journey.

A person with payment card and earned bonus. A person with payment card and earned bonus.

3. Valuable Benefits

3. Incentify Loyalty

Customers will obtain valuable and unique benefits such as bonus points and offers.

Create engagement and incenfity loyalty through personal attention and offers.

A person celebrating gift and bonus.Person celebrating gift and bonus.

4. Customized Offers

4. Generate ROI

Customers will get tailored offers based on previous purchases, interests, and information.

Loyal and happy customers will generate revenue and returns for your business.

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Grow your business with the loyalty program of tomorrow

This is Loyall


Data collection

Collect valuable data from digital and physical customers. This includes demographics, purchases, frequency of visits, average spend, etc.



Our powerful insights gives you unique opportunities. Learn how your customers behave, what they want and what they don’t.



Connect with the majority of your customers and build personalized customer journeys without you lifting a finger. We build relationships that matter.



Enjoy an easy-to-use marketing automation tool that continuously manages your campaigns. You can also run highly effective single campaigns and newsletters to increase revenue.



Our real-time reports let you understand the effectiveness of your marketing spend, so you can make better and more profitable marketing decisions.



Building loyalty will be your smartest move. Reward your customers based on behaviour, offer engaging incentives to the right customers, and simply make them return.

About us

Satisfied Customers Include

Meet Paul
and understand him

Facts about Paul based on data.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions


From data collection and storage to usage, all our solutions are fully GDPR-compliant.

GDPR and privacy is one of Loyall's main focus, where our values reflect good ethics, relevance and always on the guest's own terms.

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Some of our satisfied customers

Marketing director at Freys Hotel.

Sara Sundbom Johansson

Sales & Marketing Director

Freys Hotel

In under a year, we have collected over 8,500 unique GDPR-compliant customer profiles. We have set up automatic communication so guests will receive the right message at the right time. Our guests are better informed about our services. Giving a great customer experience increases customer loyalty. We focus on getting more direct bookings. Our automated campaigns delivered results that are more than 300% above the industry average.
We are really satisfied with Loyall's ability and willingness to tailor and adjust towards our wishes and needs. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Loyall.

Hotel manager at Sundvolden hotel

Silje Storvik

Hotel Manager

Sundvolden Hotel

Sundvolden Hotel installed Loyall Collect in mid-January 2019 and we have received good follow-up and assistance along the way. We chose to go for Loyall after the introduction of GDPR and lack of guests to communicate with. Loyall Collect offers a number of opportunities and its a simple system for communication and sales towards guests both in advance and after a stay. I recommend Loyall as it gives an added value for both us and our guests. The undersigned can be contacted with questions about Loyall.

Controller at Kronen Hotels

Therese Alberto


Kronen Hotels

Before we started our collaboration with Loyall there were a lot of unanswered questions in regard to the GDPR and how we were going to adapt to the new EU-legislation. Loyall helped us build up our customer databases again, automatically and in record time. Additionally, we have enlisted the help of Loyall’s Marketing team to tailor and produce the communication that goes out to our guests both during and after their stay. Loyall’s systems allow us to cross-market all our hotels through this marketing. We regard Loyall as a valuable and long-term partner in helping us navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Their innovation and adaptability is of great value to us at Kronengruppen.

Head of Marketing at Fløien Restaurant

Patrick Mayr

Head of Marketing

Fløien Restaurant

We installed Loyall Collect a few weeks ago and the system works seamlessly for both us and our customers. Through Loyall, guests get online easily and we collect valuable information. With the help of Loyall’s smart dashboard, we have made campaigns that regularly go out to our customers based on their visit history.

Hotel manager at hotel Bondeheimen.

Bjarte Lunde

Hotel Manager

Hotel Bondeheimen

After installing Loyall Collect, we have built up an enormous customer database in record time. Through Loyall Collect, we can cleverly utilize customer data and effectively send our visitors relevant segmented information both during and after the visit, leading to higher customer satisfaction, resale/updale and more visits.

General manager at Mandelhuset.

Patrick Madsen

General Manager


Mandelhuset has used Loyall Collect for a year. It has been important that the system has been user friendly for both us and our guests, and that we are able to communicate automatically with our guests without having to put too much work in to it. Setting up Loyall Collect has helped us save time, get more visitors to our event and create more bookings for our company. Since we are both a destination, a restaurant as well as a venue, it has been brilliant to automatically provide good information that will give our guests a better stay with us. Now we want to expand so that we are able to have Loyall Collect in Våge gjestehavn as well. We look forward to working with Loyall in the years to come!

General manager at Saga Hotels

Stian Opsalhagen

General Manager

Saga Hotels

After installing Loyall Collect at Saga Hotels, our reception is able to handle our guests wishes and requests more effectively. Collect has made it easier for us to inform our guests about the hotels offers. We see, among other things, an increase in the number of guests who shows interest in the hotel's restaurant and bar. Loyall has been a helpful and friendly partner in data management, that we wish to continue to cooperate with.

Marketing director at Bårdshaug Herregård.

Gunvor Müller Lysholm

Marketing Director

Bårdshaug Herregård

We started using Loyall Collect because we wanted to offer our customers a more modern and easier way to log in to our Wifi. That made it easy for us to collect customer data. We have been using Collect for over a year and have collected a good database that is GDPR compliant and easy to use for relevant campaigns to our guests. Loyall has assisted us in setting up many automatic communications. We have focused on making the welcome message digital, implemented a strategy to get more reviews and being able to take ownership of our guests so they book directly from our homepage the next time they visit us.
Bårdshaug Herregård