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Automate data collection and email marketing.

Dashboard showing data.

How it works

A person who register on his mobile.A person who register on his mobile.

1. WiFi Login

1. Simplify Data Collection

Your customer will easily log into the wifi and get all the information automatically.

Collect valuable data about your customers in a GDPR-compliant

2. Welcome Information

2. Improved Guest Journey

The customer will be greeted with a welcome e-mail regarding practical information about the stay. Such as breakfast times, hotel facilities, etc.

Enhance the customer experience by adding value and improving the customer journey.

A person with payment card and earned bonus. A person with payment card and earned bonus.

3. Tailored Customer Journey

3. Incentify Loyalty

Customers will obtain valuable and unique benefits such as bonus points and offers.

Create engagement and incenfity loyalty through personal attention and offers.

Person celebrating gift and bonus.Person celebrating gift and bonus.

4. Customers Choice

4. Generate ROI

The data collected is safetly protected and used based on the customers premises.

Loyal and happy customers will generate revenue and returns for your business.

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Loyall Collect

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Data Collection

With the industry's lowest acquisition cost, Loyall converts on average 62% of all physical visitors.


Newsletters &

Create newsletters and campaigns with our email template builder. You can of course import existing databases.

Icons illustrating telecom companies.


Easy setup of relevant communications that are sent automatically when your guests prefer.



Live measurement in dashboard. Overview of data collection, campaigns and members.

Product video

Images showing welcome messages when connecting to WiFi.

Data Collection

We know the value of relevant customer data. Based on millions of profiles collected, Loyall on average converts 62% of all physical visits to digital GDPR compliant profiles across our main industries.

No more “join our mailing list” incentives, manual data entry or pulling together spreadsheets of data from multiple sources.

With Loyall, data collection will be collected and structured automatically.

Newsletters & Campaigns

With our segmentation and email template builder, you can easily reach your guests with news and promotions, sent as campaigns or automated.

You can also upload your existing email list and gather all communication in one dashboard.

Showing images of the email builder and the dashboard with relevant data.
Examples of automated communication from hotels.

Automated Communication

We know the value of automation. With various triggers and a variety of data, you can automate customer communication.

Combine location data with demographics, geographics and visitor history to set up digital customer journeys that automatically informs your guests.

Our system makes it easy to keep customers engaged without spending hours each week on marketing.

Performance Reporting

Get actual insight in how your newsletters, campaigns and automated communications are performing.

It's important to determine the return of your marketing investment. Our real-time reports let you understand the effectiveness of your marketing spend, so you can make better and more profitable marketing decisions.

Image showing insight in how the newsletters, campaigns and automated communications are performing.