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The loyalty program of tomorrow.

Our CDP software creates seamless automation for members and unique insight for our customers.

Loyalty dashboard, personalized email and payment card.

Loyall Loyalty+


Connect Benefits to
Bank Card

Automation that gives your members exceptional user experience and your company useful insight.


Unique Purchase

Your members' purchase history tells about their actual interests. Use it to communicate purposefully.



Segments based on demographics, geography, behavior and purchase history to meet actual interests.


Accurate Result

With a direct link to your members' payment method, you will be able to see the exact ROI.

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Benefits to Bank Card

What is a better indication of interest than actual purchase history? Your customers can be discounted in their transactions, earn bonuses and receive gift cards.

We love to simplify, therefore, no extra card is needed. Your customers’ benefits are directly linked to their existing payment card or method, and they can also receive digital receipts.

Purchase Insight

Loyall is among the very few companies in Europe that have access to GDPR compliant purchase data that can be used for analysis, marketing and direct messaging across physical and digital locations.

With us you will have unique insight into your customers' behavior.

Dashboard with unique purchase insight.
Illustration of communication to customers from hotels.

Targeted Communication

Great communication is about insight and relevance. We combine purchase data, location history, demographics and geographics.
This allows you to easily communicate hyper-targeted with your customers.

We simply use the best data sources so you can be precise in your communication.

Accurate result measuring

No more guessing. With the link to your customers' payment card, you get an overview of the exact return of investment on each activity, and see the actual increase in sales.

You don't need an analyst to understand the results, we are all about simplifying.

Dashboard with an overview of return of investment on each activity.
Illustration of communication to customers from hotels.

Partner loyalty

Invite your partners as providers in your loyalty program and earn kickback.

Learn more about partner loyalty.

Incentive your members into your program

With simple and automatic benefits.


Gift Card

Your customers can pay parts, or the total amount with a digital gift card. Use it incentive purchase, as welcome gift or birthday gift card.


Custom Offers

Use the program's flexibility and advanced segmentation to provide custom offers to members in different tier levels, corporate or VIP customers.


Bonus Earning

Your customers can earn automatic bonus for each purchase. You can differentiate bonuses on loyalty, purchase history, location and membership level.