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Loyalty program that automates partner benefits.

Loyall Partner Loyalty


Give your members the best deal

Make your business even more attractive by giving your members great deals with existing and new partners.


Send traffic to your partners

Profitable partnerships is key. When your members spend money, your partners increase revenue, and your company receives a kickback.


Automate and organize your partners benefits

Your members don't have to remember where they receive benefits, it's automated, and directly linked to your members payment card.


Increase loyalty to your brand and partners

We all benefit from this model. Automating the discounts and bonuses will give you an advantage, and build more loyal members.

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Give your members
the best deal.

Do your company or organisation have a member base? Maximize the potential while providing benefits and build stronger relationships between your members and your company. We automate the benefits through your members payment card. Simple, right?

Send traffic
to your partners.

Strengthen your partnerships, or create new ones. By teaming up with relevant third parties, your business will be stronger in competition with your competitors, and you will also earn a “kickback” for the purchases your members make.

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A circle with your company in the middle that is connected to members and partners.

Automate and organize your partners benefits.

The circle is complete. Your members get unique benefits, your partners get more sales and you get paid per transaction. It's all connected directly to your members payment card and detailed measured in your dashboard.

Automate partner benefits to your members payment card.


Gift Card

Your customers can pay parts, or the total amount with a digital gift card. You can use it as an incentive for a purchase, or simply give a surprise on a special day, such as birthdays.


Transaction Discount

We can reduce the price in the transaction moment. This means that when the payment card is read, the purchase price will automatically be discounted. Simple, right?


Bonus Earning

Your customers can earn a fixed percentage bonus for each purchase. For example, you can differentiate bonuses based on loyalty, product lines, geography or webshop.